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Five Minutes With Ryan Bachman Of United Motor Products

In today’s installment of “Five Minutes With,” we get to know Ryan Bachman, who recently joined United Motor Products as director of product and data information services.


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Every so often, our editorial staff selects one aftermarket industry professional to get to know a little better. Participants are asked to respond to a series of questions that can be answered in about the same amount of time you might spend chatting at the office coffee pot or waiting for an elevator. In today’s installment of “Five Minutes With,” we get to know Ryan Bachman, who recently joined United Motor Products as director of product and data information services.

What was your first job in the industry? 

My first job was in remanufacturing of brake calipers at Undercar Express (UCX). I started out working on the factory floor and worked my way up to be a product manager.

What do you like best about your current position?

What I like best about my current position is the environment at United Motor Products (UMP). At UMP I’m involved in the business strategies and have the freedom to direct the technology aspect of the business. Also, with UMP’s 30 years of business they have expanded into other industries like marine, industrial and high-performance which lets me learn more about industries I’m not as versed in. I’ve been fortunate throughout my career to work for great companies with outstanding people and United Motor Products is no different.


Did you initially intend to pursue a career in the aftermarket? If not, what drew you to the industry and what keeps you here?

Not initially, though I believe the path was always there I just started out a different direction. Originally, I was going to college to become a mechanical engineer. However, my passion for the high-performance side of the business led me to meet people at local car meets that worked in the automotive aftermarket. Networking with them landed me my first job in the industry. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The automotive aftermarket is such a great industry with outstanding people. The people and passion for cars is what’s kept me in the industry for the past 15 years and will keep me here until I retire.

What do you do when not at work?

My passion for cars usually has me finding something to modify or upgrade on one of my cars. When not working on cars, I’m usually doing something with technology and trying to expand my knowledge of coding languages and cutting-edge technologies. Lastly, I like to get out and play golf when I can and now that I’m back in the northeast, I’m planning on finding a hockey league to join.


What one word best sums up your personality?


What are you currently reading?

“Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+” by John Lucht

Favorite quote/mantra/motto?

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

– Albert Einstein


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