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Fisher Auto Parts Opens New DC In Walton, Kentucky

Up to 250 stores could ultimately be serviced by this distribution center.


Herb Godschalk, president of Fisher Auto Parts, announced the purchase and partial construction of a 420,000-square-foot automated distribution center (DC) in Walton, Kentucky.


Now fully operational, the move to the new DC is completed. Up to 250 stores could ultimately be serviced by this distribution center, according to Fisher. It is located on 26 acres, one mile off I75 and 11 miles south of Cincinnati in Walton, Kentucky. 

Extensive site evaluations and superb efforts by Diane Woodson, vice president of real estate, led to acquiring the optimal location through an online competitive auction process. It includes a 236,000-square-foot existing building footprint, and 78,000-square-foot expansion on adjacent land.

The DC was outfitted with assistance from Fortna, a leading global automation, engineering services and software company, including: state-of-the art logistical and material handling technologies, paperless warehouse management software, DC modeler inventory optimization software, picking modules, new lift equipment, 34 loading docks, conveyor systems and expedited will call local delivery.


While Fisher is in nearly 500 markets in 18 states, Cincinnati is one of the company’s top 10 regions. 

All nine of the upgraded, paperless, privately owned distribution centers are linked daily, providing overnight delivery from a company-owned fleet, greater than 94 percent fill rates and extensive coverage.

In addition, Fisher is strategically upgrading stores in the KOI region into hub stores as part of increasing the overall number of company owned hub stores. 

Fisher also says it is enhancing inventory availability while adding additional stores and supplementing service levels, including “Out the Door in 4” minutes or less.

Godschalk added, “We believe in the adage that no matter what our lot in life, we should build something on it. While there are much larger competitors, due to the highly capable team that we are honored to work with, we can be proud of our past results. We are especially grateful during these challenging times to all of our channel partners including customers, suppliers, APSG associates, and in particular team members for their unwavering dedication to outstanding customer service.”