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Fengsheng Releases First Production EV Model

Kandi Technologies Group Inc. has announced that Fengsheng Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Kandi Electric Vehicles Group Co.) hosted a launch ceremony on Jan. 13th to celebrate the release of its first production electric vehicle, the Maple Model 30X (or Maple 30X) at its Jiangsu subsidiary. Government officials from the Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Nantong City Mayor’s Office and Rugao City Mayor’s Office attended the ceremony. Also in attendance were members of the media, along with Geely Technology Group’s CEO, Xu Zhihao, and Hu Xiaoming, Kandi’s Chairman.


In his remarks, Xu Zhihao, CEO of Geely Technology Group, commented, “The Maple EV model is one of the key components in Geely Technology Group’s strategic city commute division, which has undertaken the important mission of renewable energy vehicle research and development, manufacturing, technological innovation and new business initiatives. The Geely team will continue to support the Maple model’s development with our available resources.” 

In his speech, He Yijun, mayor of Rugao, congratulated Fengsheng on the release of the Maple Model 30X and complimented the Maple 30X as the best EV product from Fengsheng despite the Chinese auto market experiencing sluggish growth. He indicated that the Maple 30X would help enable the company to accelerate the development process and become a vital element to drive the growth in Rugao City’s renewable energy vehicle industry. Rugao City Government would continue supporting Fengsheng and its Rugao-based factory development and production. They look forward to further strengthening the strategic collaboration between Rugao City and Fengsheng in all given facets to achieve success through mutual development, including Rugao City’s economic growth and a higher-quality of life for all residents.

Ceremony guests participating in test drives of the Maple 30X praised the Maple 30X’s overall driving performance. Benefiting from Geely’s large ecosystem and supply chain system, Fengsheng says it is committed to offer Chinese consumers a cutting-edge and pleasant driving experience through its premium vehicle models. By releasing the Maple 30X, Fengsheng hopes to become the new force driving China’s renewable energy vehicle industry. The Maple Model 30X is scheduled to be launched after the Chinese Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) with production and sales target of 30,000 vehicles for 2020.