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FDP Honors 50th Anniversary Of 3 Employees

A park bench at the VCU Riverside Hospital and a scholarship at Essex High School are being created in their honor.


FDP Friction Science, as a multi-generation family business, has always promoted the family culture throughout its operations. At the company’s Tappahannock, Virginia, headquarters and manufacturing facility, FDP is honoring three members of the team who are celebrating 50 years at the company.

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In honor of their half-century accomplishment, FDP will donate a commemorative park bench at VCU Riverside Hospital. FDP also will create a scholarship at nearby Essex High School for students who want to pursue a career in the automotive industry.

James “Rock” Allen, started at FDP the same year that Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong took the first historic steps on the moon. Today, he is responsible for exterior maintenance and environmental control.

Kenny Washington, who handles finished goods and is forklift operator, is known for keeping his forklift in pristine condition and takes great pride in his expertise behind the wheel. He’s also known for being the team cheerleader, keeping everyone motivated and focused on the job at hand.


Laurence Shelton Jr. oversees raw materials warehouse control, and also has a son who has worked at FDP for nearly 30 years. His dedication is an example for all employees.

“We are very proud that these three gentlemen chose to spend their careers at FDP Friction Science,” said John Carney, vice president of sales for FDP Friction Science. “They have been an essential part of our team here — almost since the time we founded the company. It’s an honor to be able to recognize their accomplishments by giving back to our community in their names.”

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