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FDP Creates Remote Learning Center For Employees’ Children

The FDP Momentum Center provides employees’ children with an on-site classroom learning facility and childcare resource.


FDP, as a multi-generation family business, has always promoted the family culture throughout its operations. At the Tappahannock, Virginia, headquarters and manufacturing facility, FDP is taking that a step further, opening the FDP Momentum Center to provide employees’ children an on-site classroom learning facility and childcare resource.

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Led by a  veteran educator who has nearly 20 years of experience teaching K-9 students as well as special education programs, the FDP Momentum Center works with local school systems to implement the class syllabus and daily coursework while parents are on the job. They also provide after-school care.

“One of the greatest challenges for any working family is providing learning support and child care while local schools are closed or on rotating schedules during the pandemic,” said John Carney, vice president of sales and operations for FDP Friction Science. 

“This is a family business, and we always work to put families first here. We know families are facing a lot of challenges today, and we want to help them balance the needs for educational support and childcare by providing a high-quality, reliable and safe solution on site. Our motto is ‘Don’t Stop Learning’ and our excellent staff and our partnership with the local school systems help us achieve that.”

FDP renovated a large conference room that wasn’t being used to install safely distanced work stations, high-speed internet and white boards that create focused learning areas for different subjects and student ages. The school systems provide students laptops, but FDP contributes additional laptops and technology resources. The facility officially opened on Sept. 2, 2020, and today serves seven students, with plans to accommodate more as needed. The addition of child care services is new for FDP, as well, but a welcome resource for parents.


Employee Regan Erwin agrees, and said the new FDP Momentum Center allows them to work full time and not have to worry about their children’s daily learning and daycare needs.

“It’s a great place for my kids to go and concentrate and get their work done for the day,” said Erwin. “Ms. Mahaney is always there to help when there is a question. In addition to finishing their school work, Ms. Mahaney always has some fun crafts planned for the kids to do. My kids enjoy going and look forward to it every week.”




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