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Extra Stopping Power Now Available With Adaptive One Premium Replacement Disc Brake Pads

Advanced hybrid ceramic friction technology eliminates trade-off between low noise/dusting and stopping performance, company says.


ATLANTA, Ga. – Adaptive One Disc Brake Pads, available exclusively from NAPA Auto Parts, now have extra stopping power thanks to new friction formulation enhancements that minimize noise and dusting, while maximizing stopping performance, according to NAPA.
Adaptive One Disc Brake Pads feature two ceramic formulations in one pad set, the company says. The inner pad is specially formulated for optimal stopping performance, while the outer pad eliminates noise and dust. This combination of two ceramic formulas helps the pads consistently adapt to a variety of braking conditions, including wide temperature variations, NAPA notes.
“Contrary to popular opinion, brake pads are not a commodity, and people don’t have to choose between lower noise or dusting and stopping performance,” said Mike Gaffney, vice president, sales and marketing, NAPA Rayloc. “Adaptive One even adapts to individual driving styles – aggressive or conservative – resulting in a smooth pedal feel.
“As the aftermarket industry’s highest-quality brake pads, Adaptive One exceeds customers’ expectations, from the time they drive away from the installer until the end of the pads’ service life,” Gaffney said. “We’ve done extensive testing on the product and have virtually no noise complaints."
Adaptive One uses 100 percent mechanically attached shims to maintain shim position. The steel shims are coated with a high-lubricity polymer to dampen noise and vibration. The coating also prevents rust and “sticking.” According to NAPA, the radially tuned slots used in Adaptive One eliminate the interference that gases and debris can create between the rotor and friction material. They also reduce vibrations and harmonics that can occur if no slot or the incorrect slot geometry is used where brake pads contact the rotor. The chamfers also promote smooth contact with the rotor, thus reducing vibration and noise.
Adaptive One’s mechanical friction attachment system (where applicable) provides greater shear strength and plate stiffness and they eliminate de-lamination, edge lift and corrosion, thus reducing vibration and noise and improving feel, NAPA says.
With Adaptive One, installers do not have to reuse old hardware that may be bent, worn or damaged in some way. The rubber-coated, nickel-zinc hardware provided (as needed) restores the bracket assembly to its original condition, NAPA says. The rubber-coated side dampens in-plane noise and vibration, while the corrosion-resistant uncoated side provides a smooth sliding surface for the pads.
In addition to its new performance advantages, Adaptive One now features new, premium metallic-gold packaging, to help retailers and installers quickly identify the friction technology used and whether or not the package contains hardware.
Boxes containing hardware incorporate key trademarks, including a red band on the front and red coloring on the side, along with trademarked icons:
•  Indicates a genuine NAPA Brakes product
•  Indicates the brake pad material is ceramic composition
•  indicates the box contains hardware          

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A holographic NAPA logo on the brake pad ensures that customers are receiving a genuine, NAPA-approved Adaptive One brake pad. The pads themselves are identified with either a red dot for the inner pad or a blue dot for the outer pad.


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