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Driven Racing Oil Introduces GP-1 Conventional Oils

The new GP-1 formula is engineered for vintage and antique engines.


Driven Racing Oil, an industry-leading manufacturer of performance oils and lubricants, has released its new line of GP-1 Conventional oils for a variety of applications, including hot rods, vintage motorcycles, antique military vehicles and supercharged methanol-fueled race engines. Engineered specifically for vintage engines, Driven’s GP-1 Conventional oils utilize modern additive technology to achieve optimum performance and protection.


Driven GP-1 Conventional oils are formulated with premium Pennsylvania Grade base oil, featuring a high-pressure viscosity coefficient and superior lubrication properties. GP-1 Conventional oils’ high zinc (ZDDP) content works in synergy with the Pennsylvania Grade base oil for optimum anti-wear performance. The unique formulation is engineered to prevent leaks and assist with ring seal and features high film strength for anti-scuff protection.

GP-1 Conventional oils are available in several weights, including Break-In 20W-50, SAE 40 and SAE 50. The Break-In 20W-50 oil is optimized for flat tappet cam and lifter break-in and features a high zinc content of 1,800 parts per million. The break-in formulation chemically assists ring seal following engine assembly and does not include molybdenum, promoting proper ring seating.


Driven designed its GP-1 Conventional SAE 40 for antique engines that call for a 40-grade oil, including heavy-duty antique military engine applications. The GP-1 Conventional SAE 50 is optimized for vintage racing applications, including methanol-fueled and supercharged engines. The high zinc and molybdenum (Moly) content of GP-1 SAE 40 and SAE 50 reduces friction and provides extreme pressure protection, leading to decreased engine wear and improved efficiency. This vintage formulation benefits from Driven’s modern additive technology and the Pennsylvania Grade base oil help to prevent leaks, separate water contamination, and better lubricate the engine.


Driven Racing Oil’s GP-1 Break-in 20W-50, SAE 40 and SAE 50 oils are available in one-gallon bottles, with a retail price of $34.29. To learn more about the line of GP-1 Conventional oils and other Driven Racing Oil products, visit



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