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Dorman Releases New Products for December

December’s release of 308 new part numbers includes 93 new-to-the-aftermarket parts.


Dorman Products, Inc. has released 308 new auto parts, including 93 new-to-the-aftermarket parts which it says advance the company’s mission to give repair professionals and vehicle owners greater freedom to fix a wide range of cars and trucks. 


Dorman adds it continues to provide consumers an aftermarket choice for common failures on millions of vehicles. December’s new solutions include a Dorman OE FIX electric water pump (599-962) for over 700,000 BMW vehicles. This solution upgrades the pump housing and hardware to robust aluminum to help extend service life and prevent the cracks that may form on the factory housing. It also features an updated circuit board design that helps increase reliability and reduce the chance of premature pump failure.

Dorman is also introducing new coverage for over four million Chrysler vehicles in December. Troubleshooting the symptoms of a failing MDS on certain models requires inspection of all four of the engine’s MDS solenoids, whose fragile housings may break during removal from the engine. This OE FIX MDS (916-592XD) solenoid features a more durable aluminum housing and premium compression-tested O-rings to restore the system pressure required to deactivate the cylinder during MDS operation, says the company.


Replacing a leaking heater core is a costly repair that can be beyond the budget or simply impractical for many vehicle owners. Dorman says its new engine heater core bypass kit (626-001) offers an affordable alternative. The kit contains the key components and hardware required to bypass the failed heater core and help stop coolant leaks, including interchangeable 5/8″ and 3/4″ hose fittings to adapt to most common heater hoses. 

Other highlights from this month’s new product announcement include these eight aftermarket-exclusive parts:

  • An OE FIX 4WD manual locking hub assembly (600-203XD) for 1.2 million aging Ford and Lincoln SUVs.
  • A parking lamp connector (645-180) for 22 million Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.
  • A tailgate hinge bushing (38706) for 7 million late-model Chevrolet and GMC vehicles.
  • A brake backing plate (947-011) for over 700,000 late model Jeep Wranglers that replaces an original plate that may rust and fail prematurely.
  • An intermediate steering shaft for 2013-11 Toyota Highlanders (425-487), designed to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • A rugged windshield washer fluid reservoir (603-584) for 4.5 million specified GM vehicles, replacing an original reservoir that may be prone to cracking.
  • A diesel fuel filter housing (904-000), with all necessary hardware included for a complete repair, fitting half a million Chevy and GMC pickups with V8 403 6L engines.
  • An engine fuel line (904-012) for Chevrolet and GMC vehicles, enhancing Dorman’s position as a leader in this growing aftermarket part category.

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