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Dorman Announces More Than 300 New Products

Dorman is continuing to grow its line of OE FIX thermostat housings with three new replacement housings.


Dorman Products, Inc. announced recently the release of more than 300 new auto parts and fasteners, extending Dorman’s aftermarket coverage in several key categories and delivering new ways for repair professionals and vehicle owners to both repair and upgrade cars and trucks.

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This month, Dorman is continuing to grow its line of OE FIX thermostat housings, with three new replacement housings – 902-1997, 902-1998 and 902-1999 – for a combined 1.75 million Ford vehicles, each made of aluminum to improve upon the failure-prone plastic factory parts. These new solutions further extend Dorman’s line of high-quality water outlets and thermostat housings.

Dorman is also releasing more new aftermarket repair solutions for several other leading categories, with a new steering shaft (425-272), a wiper motor and linkage assembly (602-130AS), and steering knuckles (698-238 and 698-239) for select Dodge Ram trucks.


New releases this month also include more than 20 chrome wheel nuts and lock sets, as Dorman continues to grow its line of chrome wheel hardware. Dorman has been producing automotive fasteners and other small parts for more than a century, and this new selection of open end, knurled wheel nuts and chrome wheel nut and lock sets offers enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers a more modern style to upgrade the look of their factory wheels or complement their custom wheels. Available in a wide selection of colors, styles and sizes, the new selection offers premium scratch and corrosion resistance, with a similar look to titanium lugs at a lower price.


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