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Dorman Announces 689 New Products for January

New products include a Dorman OE FIX power transfer unit assembly for more than 2M Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.


Dorman Products is announcing today the release of 689 new auto parts, including 248 new-to-the-aftermarket parts that the company says advances its mission to give repair professionals and vehicle owners greater freedom to fix a wide range of cars and trucks. 

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Dorman continues to provide consumers an aftermarket choice for common failures on millions of vehicles. One of the latest examples is a new Dorman OE FIX power transfer unit assembly (600-234XD), designed to fit more than 2.3 million Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. The factory assembly on certain Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles can fail when extreme temperatures cause internal lubrication issues, according to Dorman. When the lubricant overheats, it can cause catastrophic failures, also making it nearly impossible to salvage and rebuild it. In extreme cold, the factory seals fail and cause oil to leak from the unit. This Dorman OE FIX power transfer unit assembly has been redesigned for greater resilience to thermal extremes, with an added patented heatshield to reduce internal temperatures, and a drain plug for easier servicing of the gearbox lubricant. It also includes upgraded seals to prevent premature degradation in extreme cold temperatures, providing an all-around more reliable replacement, the company says.


January’s new solutions also include an OE FIX manual transmission shift tower (697-024) for nearly 2 million Jeep Wrangler vehicles equipped with six-speed transmissions. According to Dorman, Jeep Wranglers with the NSG370 manual transmission may experience issues with the shifter popping out of gear, especially over rough terrain. Dorman says its OE FIX shift tower is designed to help prevent this issue and provide predictably firm, positive shift. Engineered for straightforward installation, it comes complete with the shift tower, tower-to-case gasket, and cabin gasket for a complete replacement of the critical components, the company says.


Extending its coverage in labor-saving, pre-assembled aftermarket solutions, Dorman also is introducing OE FIX pre-pressed axles for 1.4 million aging Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks (926-139 and 926-140). The unique press-fit design on Tacoma rear axles requires a shop press and extra time to fix a wheel bearing or corroded backing plate, according to Dorman. These Dorman OE FIX loaded axles come ready to install with all the components already pressed, saving hours on repairs, the company says.


Other highlights from this month’s new product announcement include these four aftermarket-exclusive parts:

  • Two new transmission oil cooler lines for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles (624-642) and Dodge Ram pickup trucks (624-627), increasing Dorman’s industry-leading coverage in this aftermarket part category
  • A hood release cable assembly (912-487) designed to fit half a million Jeep Renegade vehicles and offer a cost-effective alternative to the dealership replacement assembly
  • Rear brake backing plates (924-234) for over 1.8 million Chevrolet, GMC and Hummer vehicles, engineered to replace original plates that may rust and fail prematurely
  • An engine valve cover (264-904) for more than 2.2 million Chevrolet, GMC and Buick vehicles, extending Dorman’s coverage in this growing aftermarket part category

These are just a few of Dorman’s 689 featured new product releases this month. To sign up to receive all of Dorman’s new product announcements directly every month, visit To learn more about Dorman, take the Dorman Virtual Tour at



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