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Don’t entrust your brand’s influence to just anyone.

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experticity_auto_industry_blitz_ad_300x200There’s a big difference between someone smiling about free product swag and a qualified, authentic automotive expert who lives and breathes the industry every day. When your customers are looking for credible advice on what to buy, they trust tried-and-true influencers who know their stuff.

Who are these trusted influencers? They’re experts in their categories. Thanks to their passion and product know-how, people trust their recommendations and come to them for advice on what to buy. And because they know their stuff, their advice is both credible and authentic.

There are three types of these tried-and-true influencers:

Retail associates: We commissioned Marshall Fisher, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, to lead a study involving more than 63,500 retail sale associates in 330 stores over 2 years, comparing point-of-sale data to sales associates’ engagement with influencer content in the categories and brands they sell. Our study found that brand sales were 87% higher for sales associates who engaged with just one education module specifically designed for that brand.

Industry pros: These experts are out in the field every day having 22.2 times more buying conversations than your typical consumer. That’s based on data from a joint study with Jonah Berger of the Wharton School and The Keller Fay Group. The study compared 6,000 Experticity influencers to members of the general public, proving how much influencers are sought out for advice on what to buy — and how much their expertise influences purchase decisions every day.

Social influencers: We’re not referring to a sponsored or paid social post from some B-list celebrity. We’re talking about influencers who are passionate experts in the automotive industry and want to make your brand and your message a part of their life. For their followers, that passion and influence is infectious.

Whether it’s on the retail floor, in the field or online, smart brands invest in experts whose trusted opinions influence purchase decisions every day. With Experticity, you can build an always-on influencer marketing strategy that has a lasting impact on sales.

Tips: So how to get started? First, define what an influencer looks like for your brand. Where do they shop? What do they like to do with their spare time? Second, empower those influencers with insider knowledge about your brand and access to products. Third, define your metrics for success and align them with the marketing KPIs that are most important to your brand.

Want to learn more about building influence for your brand and driving more sales? Contact us here or give us a call at (888) 841-4764.

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