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Commentary: Do Checkered Flags Still Ring The Registers?

From ImportCar


The old adage “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” suggested that a motorsports victory on the weekend meant increased sales when the repair shop or parts store opened Monday morning. Race fans, presumably, were so invested in their favorite driver’s performance that they rushed out to buy the products used and endorsed by said athlete.

Does it still work that way? 

The passion for performance and the desire for downforce is palpable this time of year. 

The end of January and beginning of February is just one reminder that it’s time again to smell the high-octane racing fuel and rubber of sticky race tires, to hear the roar of the engines. Fans (and customers) will witness the colorful spectacle of IMSA/ACO sportscar, World of Outlaw dirt car and NASCAR stock car racing from Florida, NHRA drag racing from Pomona, F1 preseason testing in Barcelona and FIA World Rally Championship racing from all over the world.


Do you sense that fans still link on-track success with a desire to make their personal cars perform better? Do they still make that connection between what they see on TV and what they see in their driveway?

Are your customers’ buying behaviors influenced by on-track exploits? Let us know if the need for speed is still strong today. 

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