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Dill Announces Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Dill employees started this now annual fundraiser in memory of one of their own.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means it is time for Dill to begin preparation for its annual Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

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This time each year, Dill produces pink gauges in its Oxford, North Carolina, manufacturing facility. Packed in quantities of 50, these accurate air gauges are perfect for resale or counter-top giveaways. All proceeds from the sale of these special air gauges are donated toward breast cancer research.

Dill employees started this fundraiser in memory of one of their own and continue to take pride in manufacturing these personalized air gauges each year.

Join us this year in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Contact your local Dill distributor to place your order today.

Limited Time Availability! Part Number: 7290-PK-USA

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