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DENSO Robots Featured At New Cranbrook Institute Of Science Exhibit

Robot Revolution, opening Nov. 19, gives DENSO opportunity to showcase robotics innovations, inspire youth and highlight how the company has helped advance manufacturing over last half century.


For the next seven months, DENSO will feature up to 10 robots and a robotics display at Cranbrook Institute of Science’s Robot Revolution exhibit, presented by PNC Bank. DENSO, a contributing sponsor of the exhibit, has long been an innovator in robotics with its subsidiary DENSO Robotics. For more than 50 years, the company’s robotics division has developed an array of leading industrial robots, as well as robotic controllers and software, which continue to change the face of manufacturing automation.  

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Starting Nov. 19 through July 3, 2020, exhibit visitors can interact with and learn from robots previously used in space, automotive production, ocean and planetary exploration, and movies. 

“Working with Cranbrook affords DENSO the important opportunity to build strong connections with local educational institutions and show young people what’s possible through the sciences,” said Kenichiro Ito, senior executive officer of DENSO Corp. and CEO of DENSO’s North American Headquarters. “The Robot Revolution exhibit is not only informative and fun; it also serves as an entry point for students and families to experience firsthand how technology and innovation can help make our world a better place. Rooted in sustainability and continuous improvement, we are proud to support such a cause.”


At Robot Revolution, DENSO will exclusively feature:

• 10 robotic arms that highlight the evolution of robotics used over time at DENSO facilities to enhance manufacturing processes;

• Historic computer modules controlling robotic and computer models; and 

• A display that illustrates the history of DENSO’s robotic development and its impact on modern manufacturing. 

Since the 1960s, DENSO has been a leader in the creation and use of robotics in manufacturing. Today, the company uses more than 27,000 robots on 2,600 production lines in more than 150 facilities worldwide. Such scale helps DENSO advance manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and allows it to improve its production processes continuously, an effort that supports its employees, boosts outputs and powers its global business. 


DENSO’s support for Cranbrook Institute of Science does not end with the exhibit. The company also sponsors the Cranbrook Institute of Science’s ecoSTEM Outreach to Southfield Public Schools, an initiative that offers student-designed programming and vouchers for all Southfield Public School students and their families to visit the institute during the year.