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DENSO Invests $1.95M To Open Technical Training Center In Battle Creek, Michigan, To Upskill Advanced Manufacturing Workforce

The investment will support DENSO technical talent, ensuring they have the skills necessary to succeed in the changing automotive industry.


DENSO announced it has invested $1.95 million to open the North Technical Training Center at its Battle Creek, Michigan, facility. The center is designed to be at the forefront of automated and data-rich manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0, and will act as a training hub for DENSO technical talent. 

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DENSO says the new technical training center is an “urgent resource” for the company as automotive and manufacturing technology rapidly evolves. The center is being built with DENSO’s Long-Term Policy 2030 in mind, which aims to create new value for advanced mobility.

As the auto industry moves toward electrification and automated driving, DENSO says it is committed to providing innovative, tech-forward training grounds for its employees. DENSO’s Battle Creek training center is the third of its kind for the company, with others in Tennessee and Mexico. It will serve employees in technical fields, such as skilled trades, machine technicians and engineering. 

Employees identified for training will receive a customized plan to develop new technical skills, gain new understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and improve production efficiency – all of which are key factors in boosting operational productivity and profitability. 

“It’s a critical time in the auto industry and we cannot revolutionize manufacturing and engineering without our people. That is why DENSO is focused on introducing our employees to new technologies, providing cross training for collaboration and developing skills that breed innovation,” said Kenichiro Ito, senior executive officer for DENSO Corp. and CEO of DENSO’s North American Headquarters. “The talented workers who learn at the Technical Training Center will come out with new ways and creative ideas to change the world through manufacturing.” 


Kevin Carson, president of DENSO’s thermal manufacturing facility in Battle Creek, added, “When most of our workforce was in school, there was no such thing as IoT, automation or Industry 4.0. The automotive industry is drastically changing and that means our machines and the technology that powers them must change. We are committed to supporting our employees and ensuring they have the resources necessary to stay nimble, learn new skills and flourish in their careers.”

At the North Technical Training Center, employees will receive training in areas including: 

  • High-speed video cameras 
  • Advanced robotics 
  • Programming automated manufacturing systems 
  • Precision assembly and alignment of mechanical components and systems 
  • Machine-specific training for proprietary processes

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