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DENSO Establishes Joint Venture To Offer Aftermarket Products And Services In South Africa

South Africa has one of the largest economies in Africa, and car ownership is the highest in the region.


DENSO Corp. and Smiths Manufacturing (Pty) Limited owned by Metair Investments Limited have established DENSO Sales South Africa (Pty) Limited, a joint venture dedicated to selling aftermarket products and services in Southern Africa.

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South Africa has one of the largest economies in Africa, and car ownership is the highest in the region. DENSO established DENSO Sales South Africa to sell repair parts and accessories and offer services such as repairs for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in South Africa and neighboring countries. The new company will help ensure safety and increase convenience for customers in the region, according to DENSO.

DENSO says Southern Africa is a promising market, especially with the number of vehicles in the region. “By establishing a new company, we will strengthen our capability to meet new customers’ needs in new countries, offer appropriate products and services tailored to the region, and further expand our aftermarket business,” the company stated in a news release announcing the joint venture. 


In 2010, DENSO established DENSO Sales Middle East & North Africa FZE in the United Arab Emirates to operate and expand the sale of aftermarket products in the northern part of the African region. Since 2013, DENSO has joined the forces with Smiths Manufacturing to sell aftermarket products and research market needs and structures.

DENSO Sales South Africa will increase the product lineup mainly for vehicles manufactured by Japanese-affiliated automakers, which account for 40% of vehicle ownership; strengthen the repair service network for car air conditioners and diesel engine parts, etc.; and build an efficient logistics system.