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DENSO Delivers Key Technology To WaterBit’s Precision Irrigation Solution

Agriculture is among the non-automotive sectors now embracing DENSO’s sensor technology. DENSO says this new partnership helps the mobility supplier advance its commitment to sustainability.


DENSO this week announced its new partnership with WaterBit Inc., an agricultural company specializing in automated precision irrigation. DENSO Products and Services Americas, a DENSO affiliate will provide advanced sensor technology to enhance WaterBit’s smart irrigation system that improves crop yield, conserves water and increases the efficiency of farms.

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WaterBit’s Automated Irrigation Solution (AIS), which blends data-driven technology with growers’ expertise, incorporates DENSO’s advanced sensors into the WaterBit Pressure Sensor, a key component of the overall AIS solution. The Pressure Sensor validates irrigation systems’ set lengths and health to ensure they are working properly and that the correct amount of water is delivered to crops.

“Precision irrigation is an exciting application of DENSO technology beyond the automotive sector, especially since it advances our long-term goals around sustainability,” said Manji Suzuki, vice president of innovation for DENSO International America, Inc. “Agriculture is one of the many industries in which our state-of-the-art solutions are increasing productivity and reducing costs for our customers and benefiting society.”

For decades, the auto industry has trusted DENSO’s high-quality sensors to track critical information such as temperature, airflow, pressure, moisture, light, motion and parking for the safety, reliability and efficiency of cars and trucks. Today, non-automotive industries are seeking the data DENSO sensors provide to improve operations, boost productivity and deliver the best goods and services to their customers. This technology can be readily applied to agriculture.


“We are thrilled to partner with WaterBit to advance vital irrigation solutions,” said Richard Shiozaki, senior vice president of DENSO Products and Services Americas. “The foundation of this relationship is our shared commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.”