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DENSO Broadens Investment In Startups, Aims To Make The Future Of Transportation A Reality

Currently, DENSO has a portfolio of more than 10 startup investments and is aggressively seeking to expand its investment efforts, says the company.


DENSO, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, plans to expand its venture capital investments in a broad range of new technologies to make a world of self-driving, truly connected cars a reality. CES 2018 will provide a glimpse of the present and future for these innovations, including both core automotive startups and innovative technologies from bio-sensors to cybersecurity with potentially huge applications for the way we get around. Three DENSO ventures will demonstrate at the company’s CES exhibit, while the next wave of early-stage startups can pitch DENSO’s venture capital head, Tony Cannestra.


“DENSO’s vision for the future of mobility goes beyond automotive, and it will take the combination of a broad range of emerging technologies to make that vision a reality,” said Cannestra, director of corporate ventures at DENSO. “This year we’ll look especially at companies tackling automated driving, cybersecurity and both biometric and vehicle sensors, including LiDAR and radar. Our CES meetings will play a big role in decisions over the next year.”

The CVC Group led by Cannestra typically invests between $1 million to $4 million in early stage startups working on technologies that are strategically relevant to the transportation industry. Currently, DENSO has a portfolio of more than 10 startup investments and is aggressively seeking to expand its investment efforts., says the company


Startups attending CES can sign-up for a 20-minute pitch meeting by visiting densomedia-na.com/cesstartups. Meetings will take place from 1-4 p.m. PST on Wednesday, Jan. 10 and Thursday, Jan. 11 at DENSO’s CES exhibit in LVCC, North Hall No. 7917.

DENSO’s startup investments target innovative technologies with applications in connectivity, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and electrification (CASE). Recently, DENSO also has announced several investments in R&D and manufacturing CASE technologies. That includes a $4.3 billion global R&D commitment and $1 billion investment in its largest U.S. manufacturing facility to produce electrification and safety technology. DENSO’s startup investments complement R&D and production, all aiming to bring new solutions to market that benefit automakers and consumers.