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DENSO Announces North America Energy Policy Statement

Statement principles focused on optimizing energy use and reducing environmental impacts at DENSO locations across the region.


DENSO, a leading mobility supplier, has created a North America Energy Policy Statement as part of its efforts to contribute to a green and sustainable world. The company says this new policy statement demonstrates DENSO’s commitment to reducing energy use and decarbonizing operations at its North American locations, with each pushing the company closer to its global carbon neutrality goals.


“We’re in relentless pursuit of our Two Great Causes: Green, becoming carbon neutral by 2035; and Peace of mind, creating a safe and seamless world for all,” said Denise Carlson, vice president of DENSO’s North America Production Innovation Center. “Shared principles and moving forward as one will help us get there.”

Through the North America Energy Policy Statement, DENSO says it is committed to the following principles: 

  • Continuous Activity to Reduce Energy (CARE) consumption and continuous improvement by employees.
  • Energy efficiency in the planning phase of modifications and purchases of energy-consuming devices and building structures.
  • Investment in energy reduction and clean energy technology and projects, while adhering to applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Financial and human resources to guide energy reduction activities, as well as research and development to promote successful and sustainable energy reduction.
  • Communication of ongoing energy conservation activities with employees.

“All locations and employees help DENSO achieve its goals. This applies to everything we do, whether for our customers or our sustainability targets,” said Seiji Maeda, CEO of DENSO’s North American operations and a senior director of DENSO Corp. “That is why we developed this region-wide policy statement. Our actions, as individuals, as team members and as sites, allow us to realize our eco-friendly values.”


DENSO is already putting these principles into action. Earlier this month, the company broke ground on a new solar facility at its Maryville, Tennessee, location. Working with Silicon Ranch, the City of Maryville and the Tennessee Valley Authority, DENSO will derive a portion of the clean energy generated by the facility and others that will come online in Tennessee to support its local electrical needs.