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DEI: Listening to Your Non-Native English Speaking Talent

Barbara Boldt, an executive communication skills coach & principal with Boldt Global, discusses this topic.


GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview “DEI Means Everyone’s Voice Is Heard: Are You Listening to Your Non-Native English Speaking Automotive Talent?” features Barbara Boldt. Boldt is principal with Boldt Global and an international coach, speaker and trainer. For more than 25 years, she has been empowering global executives and managers to acquire the leadership communication skills they need to be effective in their roles and move to the next level. During the 20-plus years she has lived and worked in Europe, and taught executives and managers from more than 35 countries to create and deliver effective business presentations.  She has worked, and is working, with many companies in the global automotive industry.


In this 12-minute audio interview, Boldt discusses these questions:

  • How does the DE&I conversation vary in different countries?
  • What does it mean for people in global automotive companies that English is the language of international business?
  • What are some communication barriers that make it difficult for non-native English-speaking employees to fully contribute and move up the ladder?
  • What is the difference between speaking English and communicating in English like a leader?
  • What are ways that automotive companies can empower non-native English-speaking talent?

Click here to listen to the audio interview.