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Dayco N. America Launches Heavy-Duty Serpentine Belt Kit

New kit is available for DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines with easy-to-install two-piece tensioner #89947.


Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, has launched a line of heavy-duty serpentine belt kits featuring Dayco’s exclusive two-piece tensioner engineered with an outer and inner tensioner that the company says cuts installation time by 50%.  

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Currently available to order for customers in the U.S. and Canada, there are six part numbers that cover approximately 650,000 VIO. These kits are specifically designed for Class 8 trucks with DD13, DD15 or DD16 engines. 

In an effort to optimize inventory for distributors and ensure fleet technicians have all the parts needed for a complete belt repair, Dayco’s heavy-duty serpentine belt kits include a two-piece tensioner, two pulleys and two serpentine belts in the appropriate length and width. The specially designed tensioner cuts installation time in half and makes belt placement easier, the company says. With the traditional one-piece tensioners originally designed for these engines, techs are required to bend an 8-rib belt sideways through a very narrow opening during replacement, which can lead to belt issues if not done carefully. 

“Our newest heavy-duty kits make it easier than ever before for techs to change a belt. Not only do the kits include all the parts techs need for the job but the two-piece technology cuts the job time in half, getting vehicles in and out of the bays faster,” said Jay Buckley, director of product management for Dayco North America. “Time and again, we learn that the pulley and tensioner weren’t replaced at the same time. Our goal is to call out the benefits of replacing all parts of a front-end accessory drive system at the same time to enhance vehicle performance and service life.”  

The tensioner and its pulley counterpart are machined from high strength steel to provide excellent wear resistance under harsh environments, according to Dayco. It also features Dayco’s patented flat spring technology and dual pressed-in pulley bearings to provide long bearing life and protection against shock loads. In addition, the two heavy-duty poly-V serpentine belts included in the kit are designed to run cooler, reduce rib cracking and provide increased flexibility. Engineered for high torque and power pulses, Dayco’s belts feature specially treated cords to resist stretching and ensure length stability, the company adds. 


More information on the kits can be found online here.