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Dana’s Third-Generation Rhombus TireAnalytics Solution Helps Large Fleets Significantly Reduce Tire Costs 

The new cost-per-mile analysis feature enables improved tire purchasing decisions, according to Dana.



Dana has announced the release of Rhombus TireAnalytics Version 3.0 with new capabilities to help large fleets reduce tire costs. This third generation of the technology provides new cost-per-mile (CPM) analysis capabilities and best practice solutions that enable commercial-truck owners and fleet maintenance managers to make better data-driven decisions for each application, according to Dana.

Rhombus TireAnalytics, introduced in 2017 and adopted by a broad range of North American fleets, is a cloud-based platform that allows fleets to establish best practices for their tire maintenance programs and ensure these practices are adhered to by tracking compliance across all terminals. In addition, the platform allows fleet managers to identify and predict maintenance issues to minimize downtime and maximize the life of their tires.


The CPM tire comparisons, which can be determined by application or by axle type using the fleet’s actual miles-per-tire (MPT) data and tire cost, provide situational analyses utilizing a fleet’s real-life data. The new release also includes enhanced user authentication for stronger security and more flexibility in how users secure access to the platform.

In direct response to customer feedback, Rhombus TireAnalytics 3.0 also includes a new install and rotate capability for the mobile application, which is quickly accessible for technicians servicing a vehicle anywhere in the terminal. This feature saves technicians significant time recording more complex patterns that involve, for example, rotating a set of tires while matching pairs of dual tires at the same time.


“Rhombus TireAnalytics directly addresses one of the top expenses for a fleet, and this latest version continues our mission to provide data-driven solutions, allowing fleets and truck owners to predict and optimize tire spend in order to maximize a vehicle’s operational effectiveness,” said Mark Wallace, president of Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies. “This enhancement also takes into consideration critical customer feedback, allowing maintenance professionals to better assess their tire management strategies and ensure operational efficiency for this critical area of maintenance.”

Dana will present Rhombus TireAnalytics 3.0, as well as its lineup of Spicer Electrified systems, traditional driveline technologies and other solutions for commercial vehicles, in booth No. 2801 at the upcoming TMC Annual Meeting March 18-21.