Dana Introduces Victor Reinz Reinzosil RTV Silicone

Dana Introduces Victor Reinz Reinzosil RTV Silicone

Reinzosil provides superior resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures.

Dana Inc., one of the world’s leading experts and manufacturers of gasket and sealing technology, officially launches Victor Reinz Reinzosil room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone to the North American market. A permanently elastic, universal silicone sealing compound, Reinzosil provides superior resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures.

“Typical RTV sealants often do not hold up in high-heat environments and can break down quickly if exposed to internal combustion fuels, diesel fuels, and other liquids,” said Bill Nunnery, senior director, sales and marketing, global aftermarket for Dana. “Reinzosil is an easy-to-apply, fast-curing and dependably durable sealant that is thermally stable in extreme temperatures and suitable for uneven and rough surfaces. Unlike other compounds, Reinzosil will not shrink or lose weight in high-heat environments.” 

Available in 70 milliliter tubes, Reinzosil sealant is resistant to fluids, including mineral oils and synthetic oils, lubricants, gasoline, diesel oil, greases, water and detergents, and is safe for all sensors, according to Dana. It is ideal for use on two-dimensional flat surfaces where there is a sealing gap, such as gasket intersections and components originally sealed with RTV by the manufacturer, including intake manifolds, valve covers and oil pans. Because Reinzosil sealant is so versatile, it can replace other varieties of RTV, eliminating excessive SKUs and saving valuable inventory space.  

Extensive testing shows that Reinzosil sealant remains pliable and maintains shape after 500-plus hours of high-temperature storage (480°F), while other compounds become brittle and disintegrate, and it has significantly less weight loss after exposure to 515°F than standard silicones. Dana says tests also reveal that competitive sealants are shown to corrode brass surfaces with acetic sealants, while neutral-curing Reinzosil sealant shows no corrosion.

“Reinzosil has undergone thorough testing and the results bear out that it is the premier RTV silicone on the market today. At very high temperatures, it performs 30 percent better and has two times more flexibility than the closest competitor,” said Nunnery. “It’s durability, flexibility and versatility make Reinzosil the RTV sealant of choice in Europe and a favorite of import auto repair specialists. We are proud to introduce this exceptional, in-demand product to the North American aftermarket.”

To learn more about Reinzosil sealant (No. 70-31414-10), visit www.victorreinz.us/products/reinzosil-rtv-silicone. To order Victor Reinz products, customers should contact their Dana sales representative or visit www.DanaAftermarket.com.

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