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Dana Adds Robotics From Remtec Automation To Kentucky Facility

Remtec Automation successfully installed two turnkey material handling workcells with vision guidance for Dana for an RTV silicone dispensing station and rear axle assembly.



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Remtec Automation LLC, a leader in flexible robotic automation, has announced the successful completion of two automated robotic material handling projects for Dana Inc., located in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Remtec Automation also has begun a third project with Dana.

Remtec Automation is a Level IV servicing integrator for Fanuc Robotics, and has a 35-year history of designing and installing turnkey robotic automation solutions for material handling applications.


Dana contracted with Remtec Automation in early 2016 to design, manufacture and install an automated turnkey robotic material handling system with vision guidance for a rear axle assembly, integrating the new workcell into an existing conveyor system. Remtec successfully completed the mechanical engineering, electrical design, programmable logic controller (PLC) programming, fabrication and assembly of the system with a successful factory acceptance test.

The second project for Dana was to design and implement a turnkey robotic workcell to automate its RTV silicone dispensing system with a 6-axis FANUC robot for sealing a differential assembly. The completed system accommodates several models of differentials, and utilizes a safety light curtain on the load/unload side of the workcell. Remtec Automation designed the base and robotic fixtures including end-of-arm-tooling and the control system, including a main control panel with PLC, human-machine interface (HMI) and system controls. Remtec successfully completed the design, assembly, debug and installation of the robotic dispensing workcell with a factory acceptance test.


Remtec Automation’s material handling systems are designed to the client’s specifications, and offer handshake integration to existing upstream or downstream equipment. Automated robotic systems typically include such features as multiple integrated conveyor lines, robotic palletizing cells, pneumatic manipulation, photo-eye sensors, powered conveyors, multiple HMIs, vision inspection and state-of-the art light curtain integrated safety features.