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Continental To Sell Partition Panels For Cars

The partition panel can be installed between the driver’s seat and the rear seat in a few simple steps.


Continental is helping to improve the drivers and passenger’s safety when traveling. As deep concern about COVID-19 continues, many people are looking for additional protection and safety in their cars.

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“We wanted to develop a product that provides an added level of safety in the fight against coronavirus, while not detracting from the driving experience,” said John Duncan, who is responsible for surface materials for the automotive OEM market at Continental. “By combining experience in the automotive sector and the company’s plastics expertise, the idea arose to develop a partition panel made of plastic film for passenger car interiors that protects drivers and passengers against COVID-19 during transport.”

The film acts as a barrier to viruses, minimizing the spread of airborne particles in the vehicle interior, without compromising communications between the driver and passengers or affecting the temperature regulated by heating and air conditioning. The crystal-clear, shatterproof partition panel provides a high degree of protection against infections when traveling by car without sacrificing comfort, especially for commercial passenger transport in taxis, for private providers like Uber and Lyft, and other carpooling options.


Easy to use on all vehicle models

The partition panel can be installed between the driver’s seat and the rear seat in a few simple steps: adjustable fastening belts mean it can be used on practically any vehicle model – from SUVs to sedans to compact cars. The material used in the protective film, which is well known to end customers and vehicle manufacturers, is a polished vinyl proven to be resistant, weatherproof and easy to maintain when used as a window for convertibles and in various marine applications.

“In order to make the product directly available to end customers without coronavirus-related logistical restrictions, we are excited to make the product available through Amazon in the U.S.,” Duncan added. The partition panel became available on the U.S. market this summer, following an accelerated planning and development period of just eight weeks. “During this time of coronavirus, we really wanted to offer quick, direct assistance. We are delighted that we have found a suitable and practical solution for people’s everyday lives,” Duncan said.


Its newly developed partition panel uses plastic film to create a protective barrier between the front and rear seats to reduce the spread of coronaviruses via airborne particles in passenger cars, providing greater safety for drivers and passengers. End customers will receive the partition panels directly through Amazon.



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