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Collision Repair Shops Named VeriFacts VQ Facilities

Ultimate Collision & RV and Tucker Auto Body & Towing
are now VeriFacts VQ facilities.


VeriFacts Automotive recently announced that two new repair facilities have earned the Verified Quality (VQ) designation for their consistent performance to the highest of automotive repair standards.


The VeriFacts Verified Quality (VQ) program ensures that a repair facility has all the resources to achieve a safe and proper repair. The VeriFacts Automotive coaches not only teach and train, but also perform unannounced, on-site visits to verify technician repair skills, methodologies and overall quality processes. Collision repair facilities that achieve the VeriFacts Automotive VQ designation are recognized for their commitment to the highest standards in collision repair, said the company.

Ultimate Collision & RV and Tucker Auto Body & Towing have both worked very hard at producing the safest, highest-quality repairs for their customers and deliver excellent service,” said Bill Romaniello, VP, operations for VeriFacts Automotive. “The VeriFacts Automotive VQ designation is testament to their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.”


Ultimate Collision & RV, Peoria, Arizona

Tino Escobedo started his shop with his father in 2014. Soon after, they decided to pursue Honda Certification. That is when they called on VeriFacts Automotive to provide the training and coaching needed to earn certification.

“VeriFacts Automotive provides a valuable service to our team,” said Scott Amrine, director for Ultimate Collision and RV in Peoria, Arizona. “It’s a big benefit to have a third party provide the training and inspect our repairs for us. They can go a lot further than our production management team can go.”

“VeriFacts Automotive has helped us create a weld testing process,” said Escobedo (pictured L-R with partner Sunny Singh who manages the RV business). “This ensures that every weld we make is done correctly and documented. They have worked with our technicians on using the proper products for corrosion protection to meet each OEMs requirements and proper application techniques.  Their coaches even inspect our paint quality. All of this makes our technicians the best that they can be, ensuring the safest, highest-quality repairs for our customers.”

Ultimate Collision & RV is Honda and Ford certified and are working on earning more OEM certifications. They achieved the VeriFacts VQ verified status this past June. This means that repeated, unannounced on-site examinations of their equipment, materials, information, procedures and hands-on repair skills have documented above average levels of repair quality. VeriFacts VQ repair facilities are among the most reputable in the collision repair industry.


“We have been blessed that despite the COVID-19 situation, we have had plenty of repair work and have been able to keep our entire staff working,” said Amrine. “We have a great reputation in our market, which is so important for a family owned business. Our number one goal is always that every customer leaves our shop totally satisfied.”

Tucker Auto Body & Towing, Imperial, California

Jered Tucker’s father, Jerry, started his towing business in 1986 with two trucks. After a while, he thought “Since I am towing all these wrecked cars in, I might as well get in the business of fixing them.”

Jered Tucker began helping around the shop as early as age 10 and began driving a tow truck at 16. After graduating from high school, Tucker and his father opened a second location in Imperial, their current location.

“In 2019, we decided to become a Ford certified repair facility,” said Tucker. “And we wanted a second set of eyes and a different perspective on how repairs are performed, and that is why we decided to partner with VeriFacts Automotive. We always follow the OEM repair procedures, and sometimes those procedures need interpretation. The VeriFacts Automotive coaches and the VeriFacts Technical Support Team help with that. Our coach helped us create a weld destruction station to test and document our welds.


“We do a lot of things right, but to stay true to returning vehicles to pre-loss state or better we must pay attention to the details,” said Tucker. “VeriFacts Automotive helps ensure we attend to all the details. I always believed that to be the best, you should take advantage of coaching when you can get it, because no one knows everything. We believe in constant improvement, and the training and coaching we receive from the VeriFacts Automotive coaches help us achieve that. The coaches bring a wealth of knowledge to our technicians from their industry experience, their work with the OEMs, as well as from the things they see and learn from the many other shops they visit.


“Individualized training is a valuable benefit for our team, and they appreciate it because they know it keeps them on top of their game,” Tucker continued. “We have always had a philosophy that if we take care of our technicians, they will take care of our customers. As a result, our CSI rating has gone from 90 to 99.”



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