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CIMS Partners With Diagnostic Tool Manufacturer Autel

Autel introduces its ITS600 diagnostic tool to connect with CIMS’ tire registration process.


CIMS Tire Registration and globally connected Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. have collaborated in providing the U.S. tire industry with Autel’s ITS600 diagnostic tool that directly connects to CIMS’ E-tire registration portal. This unique partnership will enhance and simplify the tire registration process by enabling technicians to register tires in “real time” and immediately check the DOT for tire recalls and confirm the age of the tire.


“We know the importance of tire registration, and that cost and convenience are main factors in the overall success,” said Susan Kruder, CIMS president. “Partnering with Autel allows CIMS to give tire dealers another economical but still leading-edge option to register tires. The ability to immediately register, check for recalls and confirm tire age on Autel’s tool will increase the number of tire dealers registering tires resulting in a consumer safety win.” 

John Amato, director of training TPMS for Autel, said, “Our highest priority when designing TPMS tools and sensors is bringing maximum value to our customers through innovation. Our partnership with CIMS allows us to integrate electronic tire registration into our new, state of the art TPMS tools. We see adding tire registration and recall check to our tools as a natural fit with TPMS sensor replacement and tire service. This also allows us to act as a catalyst for increased safety standards within the industry.”


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