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Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation Launches Car Donation Program For Single Moms

Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation, the corporate foundation started by Christian Brothers Automotive, recently announced the launch of a new philanthropic endeavor that will provide single moms in need of reliable transportation with vehicles. The new 501(c)3 organization is called The Hub Garage.

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The program will accept vehicle donations that will be repaired by Christian Brothers Automotive service technicians and given to single moms in need across the greater Houston area. By equipping recipients with means of reliable transportation, The Hub Garage’s mission to give single mothers both hope and independence by improving mobility and accessibility to jobs, school and more.

“There are around 24,000 single moms living below the poverty level in Houston,” said Jonathan Carr, president of Christian Brothers Automotive Foundation. “We want to leverage what we’re already good at to help people, and if we can lower that number by even a few families, we’ll have made a huge step in the right direction.”


The Hub Garage will work with community partners like the Ace Scholarship, which provides local kids a chance to find better rates and scholarship opportunities into the competitive private schools in Houston. As a referral source, Ace Scholarship will help The Hub Garage find single moms in need. The Hub Garage plans to extend its community connections in the future by working with similar partners to help identify parents who may benefit from its mission.

“We want to partner with excellent nonprofits, and Ace Scholarship exemplifies that commitment,” added Carr. “In the future, we want to expand this to all 27 of our major markets. We want to grow the program’s impact as fast as we can get cars donated.”

In 2020, the organization’s donation goal is 1,500 vehicles, which would provide more than 1,000 single mothers with working vehicles. Those who wish to donate can sign up to donate their car at


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