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China’s Chery Brand Reports Growth in Overseas Markets

It is the first Chinese passenger car brand to export more than 200,000 cars a year, the company reports.


Since Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. started its first overseas export in October 2001, the company reports solid gains in overseas market expansion. It ranks first in export volume of Chinese brand passenger vehicles for 18 consecutive years and is the first Chinese passenger car brand to export more than 200,000 cars a year, the company reports.

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Currently, Chery has established six research and development bases, 10 factories, more than 1,500 overseas dealers and service outlets with a cumulative export of nearly 2 million vehicles overseas.

Chery also reported efforts to boost sci-tech innovation such as crash test, chips, batteries and man-machine interaction.

In the Chery Longshan test center, there are more than 300 real vehicle collisions and more than 500 simulated vehicle collisions every year, which can not only meet the domestic safety standard, but also the European and U.S. standard. Safety is the top priority among other key index of a car, claimed Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile.


Currently, Chery automobile has achieved multi-mode interaction and multi-dimensional interaction. In the cockpit, intelligent equipment can help realize human-computer interaction through the driver’s facial expression, mouth shape and body movements.

In order to better serve overseas customers, Chery also said it cooperates with IFLYtek, an intelligent speech and artificial intelligence company to enable Chery cars recognize languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, etc.

Chery has also developed products in accordance with the environment, market conditions and consumer behavior in overseas markets.

In South America, Chery said its engineers work to improve the power of vehicles due to local poor road conditions and twisting hill roads, while in Middle East, its engineers strengthen the car sealing to protect the vehicle parts worn by sand floating in the air. 


In Russia, Chery has carried out thousands of face-to-face customer surveys and telephone interviews this year. Chery has always been the “national car” in the eyes of local people, and has won the title of “the Most popular Chinese car brand” in Russia for five consecutive times, says the company.