Champion Offers Power-Shield Assembly Lube & Oil Booster

Champion Offers Power-Shield Assembly Lube & Oil Booster

The product is field-tested by engine builders and suitable for use in all high performance and racing engines.

Champion Oil, a recognized global leader in specialty lubricants, is now offering Power-Shield Engine Assembly Lube & Oil Booster with 6,270 parts-per-million (PPM) of Zinc, 4,820 PPM of Phosphorus, and 54,220 PPM of Calcium providing race teams, repair facilities, reman services, installers and engine builders with superior lubrication protection.

Champion Part No. 4281 is two products in one. Champion Power-Shield Engine Assembly Lube & Oil Booster provides outstanding resistance to scuffing, wear and friction during hard break-in of new and rebuilt engines. This lube and booster is recommended for use on rocker arm fulcrum balls, needle bearings, roller tips or rocker shafts, timing chain sprockets and gears, roller lifters and roller camshafts, engine bearing surfaces and outer surface of hydraulic or mechanical lifter bodies.

Champion Power-Shield Engine Assembly Lube & Oil Booster can also be used as an oil booster to replace the critical anti -wear additives that current API rated engine oils leave out. The Power-Shield product is highly concentrated with zinc-thiophosphates, sulfonates, and phenates that boost engine oil protection that prevent sludge formation and keep high performance engines running efficiently. These additives are also an anti-wear agent to prevent premature engine wear and provide corrosion and oxidation protection.

As temperatures rise and surfaces come closer together, Champion’s proprietary chemistry gradually decomposes resulting in protection of critical metal surfaces. This heat-activated process provides wear protection in areas of increased friction. When parts move during operation, any sliding or rolling motion reduces metal-to-metal contact. This is especially important in engines with flat-tappet camshafts, lifters, high-tension valve springs, or engines modified to create more horsepower.

The basic design of flat-tappet cams makes them especially vulnerable to wear. As the name indicates, the tappet – or lifter – is flat. During operation, the cam-lobe slides rapidly over the tappet, increasing friction and temperatures. Champion’s Power-Shield Engine Assembly Lube & Oil Booster provides a thin oil film as a barrier that prevents the lifter and cam lobe from welding together.

Without an oil film providing sufficient wear protection, the two engine components can eventually wear down the flat-tappet cam and affect valve operation. Engine power and efficiency can decline if the flat-tappet cam cannot lift the valves enough to adequately charge the chamber for ignition or release exhaust fumes. 

Roller cams are differentiated by rolling contact rather than sliding contact. Although costlier, roller cams are found in most modern or some modified-older engines and can also benefit from Champion’s Power-Shield Engine Assembly Lube & Oil Booster, the company says.

This robust product dissolves completely in oil without clogging oil passageways or plugging oil filters. Apply to cams and lifters during engine assembly for break-in protection. It also can be used on distributor gears, rocker shafts, rocker tips, pushrod tips, wrist pins and valve guides. To achieve a thicker consistency when setting a cam in place, for example, it can be mixed in part with Champion’s Moly Grease – part No. 4051T.

With assembly lube and anti-wear additives being the most important parts of an engine build, the engine-builders that use Champion Power-Shield Engine Assembly Lube & Oil Booster will experience the difference provided by numerous barriers of protection. This quality product is field tested by engine builders and suitable for use in all high performance and racing type engines including current API rated engine oils that are low in ant-wear additives.

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