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Looking For The Positive Side Of The Covid-19 Crisis

There has been an uptick in technicians engaging in technical training on the Underhood Service website.

Auto Inspection, Warranty Claims Offer Opportunity

As the economy gets back to work, the frequency of motor vehicle accidents and mechanical breakdowns will rise.

We Have The Cure!

Shops have the power to slow down a crisis larger than the Coronavirus.

Commentary: A New Wave of DIY Car Care

The aftermarket has worried that enthusiasm for DIY car repair is dying. NPD sees opportunity for the industry.

The Herman Trend Alert: Getting Back to Business

What it will actually take to get us out of our homes and back to congregate workspaces following the COVID-19 crisis.

Commentary: Carriers Of Kindness

“Let us work to change ‘Me first’ to ‘We first,'” writes Dr. John Passante.

AMN Thought of The Day
Commentary: Character Counts

Having high character during times of stress defines us, says Dr. John Passante.

Leaders Offer Words Of Wisdom During Challenging Times

Being great communicators, staying calm and embracing flexibility are top of mind for industry leaders.

Commentary: Do Checkered Flags Still Ring The Registers?

Are customers buying behaviors influenced by on-track exploits? Let us know if the need for speed is still strong today.

Commentary: Is Passion A Business Term?

Passion inspires us and others to invest time and energy on a constant basis and becomes a part of our identity.

Commentary: When Is The Last Time You Thought Like A Customer?

According to Bain and Company at Harvard Business School, “Eighty percent of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only eight percent of their customers agree.”