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The Influence of the Role Model Leader

Valuing employees is not just the right way to lead, it is the very soul of the organization.

Our Image Problem

If you search the term “mechanic,” you get an interesting idea of how different cultures value repair professionals.

The Original Woman at the Wheel

I’d like to introduce you to one of the original Women at the Wheel … a woman who has paved the way for many.

Where Has All the Color Gone?

To most this will be considered a rant, but to me it is a cry out to all in the industry. Stop the mediocrity!

Guest Commentary: A True Sense of Belonging

By creating a culture of belonging, everyone can and will be more successful.

Five Reasons Planning Beats Panic

Business may be turbulent, but being prepared will help make the journey more enjoyable.

Appetite For Training Obvious In Orlando

One thing was more than clear at the recent STX in Orlando, FL – this industry is hungry for technical education.

Even With Other Communication Methods, A Phone Remains Vital

Sure, you have multiple methods to connect with customers, but don’t overlook the power of your phone.

Nostalgia Can Reignite Automotive Enthusiasm

Looking back at what our heroes had to overcome can help us reignite the passion for what we can create.

Consequential Leadership

It’s about having your voice heard and taking a stand for something that could ultimately change an outcome for the better.

Life and Business Are a Team Sport

In my professional opinion, teamwork is one of the most critical leadership skills to have and enhance.

What’s the Secret to Goal-Setting Success?

When it comes to professional and personal development, goal-setting is the key to making any positive changes.