Survey: Most Thanksgiving Travelers Plan to Drive Survey: Most Thanksgiving Travelers Plan to Drive

Of the 63% of travelers who have experienced recent flight delays, 92% are now considering travel by car. recent national travel survey data reveals that 80% of Thanksgiving travelers plan to drive to their destination.

A contributing factor to the high number of drivers is that of the 63% of travelers who have experienced recent flight delays, nearly all of them (92%) are now considering travel by car. 

The national survey also found: 

  • Growing frustration with airlines around weather delays, skyrocketing ticket prices, and schedule disruptions are leading to a record number of people opting for a holiday road trip this Thanksgiving. 
    • Nearly half (46%) of those who prefer to fly but are driving on Thanksgiving cite the cost of flights as reason for driving. 
    • 20% of those who prefer to fly but are driving cite concern about flight disruptions as reason for driving.   
  • Spaced-out departure dates might lead to traffic relief.
    • Travel to Destinations: Almost half of travelers (41%) will leave the weekend prior to Thanksgiving with the next busiest travel day being the holiday itself (28%).
    • Returning Home: About a third of holiday travelers will head back on Thanksgiving day, though 21% plan to travel back the Sunday after.
    • Time of Day: Most road trippers will be setting out in the morning hours, before noon, though Thanksgiving Day will experience a small peak of late-day travelers.
    • Busiest Regions: This year, the South and MidAtlantic have the highest percentages of Thanksgiving travelers.

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