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Training and Education To Host Free Virtual Event For The ‘EV Curious’ finds nearly a third of Americans are EV curious, but the majority remain undecided on what to buy.

Advertisement will help shoppers explore electric vehicle (EV) ownership with’s Guide for the EV Curious, a free, live virtual event with the company’s team of automotive experts on Oct. 28 at noon CDT. experts will share information about EV ownership and answer live questions from consumers interested in EVs, which can also be submitted in advance. Registration is required at


“ bought its first plug-ins a decade ago, a Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, and we have since continued to evaluate scores of other electric models. Expanding beyond just how the cars drive, we live with EVs and test the range, as well as the cost and setup associated with home charging,” said Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor and EV expert. “With all the buzz surrounding EVs, our team will cover everything from charging setup and other considerations to our thoughts on some of the more popular EVs.”

EVs gain more attention and consumers get more options.

With more than 100 new EV options expected to enter the market between 2021 and 2025, and federal funding for EVs and EV infrastructure currently in a heated debate, consumers are taking notice with 32% of car shoppers actively looking to buy their first EV. While EVs currently make up less than 5% of total searches on, share of searches for new EVs rose in San Francisco; Los Angeles; Seattle; Sacramento, Calif.; and Denver an average of 4 percentage points compared with this same time last year. Local dealerships also have to prepare to meet demand. Currently, only 37% of local dealerships are selling EVs today, and 63% are actively planning for EV sales, service and training. On 41% of new car dealers listed inventory of new EVs.


“On, searches for EVs have almost doubled since last year — however, sales of EVs are growing at a slower rate. There’s no doubt that consumer interest in EVs is growing, especially as more major automakers commit to the category and offer more SUV and pickup truck options for shoppers, but to the average person, uncertainty still exists,” said Wiesenfelder. 

Car shoppers need more information and education.

For EV owners, the benefits to ownership are clear: reduced fuel cost, environmental impact and a reduction in maintenance costs. For hesitant car shoppers, the limited range, lack of charging locations, limited battery life span and varied charging times cause confusion and hesitation. is here to help those interested in EV ownership better understand the pros and cons of EVs and dispel misinformation so they can make an informed decision on whether an EV or gas-powered vehicle is right for them. For the EV-curious shopper looking to make the switch to electric, there’s clearly a lot at stake. And with the majority of EV shoppers unsure of which make and model to buy, will help educate and evaluate the variety of choices emerging from the new EV world. 


To learn more about EVs and EV ownership, join Oct. 28 at noon CDTl for’s Guide for the EV Curious and get all those burning EV questions answered. Registration is required at



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