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CARDONE Announces More Than 200 New Products

The new parts list features enhanced calipers, climate control modules, turbochargers, axles and air suspension valve blocks.

CARDONE Industries has released more than 200 new parts this fall. The new parts list features enhanced calipers, climate control modules, turbochargers, axles and air suspension valve blocks.

“We are especially excited about our interior electronics release with the Climate Control Modules,” said Jason Volpe, innovation product manager. “Replacing these units will often significantly refresh the interior while restoring functionality.”

A1 CARDONE Climate Control Modules

CARDONE’s newly offered climate control modules are direct-fit and 100 percent functionally tested for performance and reliability. This new set of modules addresses the need for worn and deteriorated climate control bulbs, knobs and dials to restore the functionality and aesthetics of older vehicles. Features include:

  • 100 percent of the backlight bulbs are replaced to ensure long-lasting gauge illumination
  • Electronic repair components are upgraded to meet or exceed OE design
  • Plug-and-play installation with no programming required
  • Unit face is restored to OE appearance and functionality

“The incredibly expansive range of applications we’ve added to our premium calipers this fall shows our continued commitment to providing industry-leading coverage,” said Joe Delorme, braking and suspension product manager.

CARDONE Ultra Premium Calipers

CARDONE has expanded coverage with more than 100 new applications/parts in this release. These CARDONE calipers come with an exclusive weather-proof silver powder coating to preserve the appearance and functionality while preventing rust and other water damage. Other features include:

  • Full installation kit for efficient plug-and-play
  • Pressure-tested to guarantee proper braking function
  • 100 percent SAE specific rubber seals to ensure like-new performance

CARDONE Select Turbochargers

CARDONE’s latest turbochargers come fully ready to install. Every turbocharger is engineered and tested in the U.S., which guarantees that they fit and function exactly like OE turbos. Other features include:

  • Pre-lube oil syringe for easy installation
  • Full installation kit with all necessary installation and mounting hardware
  • Support for several models of Volkswagen compact vehicles such as the Beetle, Golf and Jetta

A1 CARDONE Drive Axles

From the constant velocity drive axle to the drive axle assembly, CARDONE has several new axle products this fall. All axle parts are tested to ensure the highest caliber reman products are available to technicians.

Constant Velocity Drive Axle features include:

  • 100 percent Neoprene boots that ensure excellent ozone resistance and eliminate cracking, a leading cause of boot failure
  • Pneumatically-crimped boot clamps to create a perfect seal between the boot and housing
  • Splines and threads are chased 100 percent to ensure proper fit of axle, which eliminates installation hassles

Drive Axle Assembly features include:

  • Powder-coated housing for maximum corrosion protection that further enhances on-car performance
  • New OE ring and pinion gears are inspected for correct backlash and wear patterns
  • Units are remanufactured using OE-quality bearings, dust shields, seals and gaskets

CARDONE Air Suspension Valve Blocks

These 100 percent new Solenoid Air Suspension Valve Blocks match OE form, fit and function perfectly to meet the industry’s rigorous performance standards. O-rings can dry rot and leak air over time. CARDONE’s Solenoid Valve Blocks are electronically-controlled modules designed to work with the air suspension system to fill and vent each bag, intended to enhance effectiveness and longevity.  

To view the full listing of new products added this fall, visit the October and November releases on

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