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California-Based Collision Repair Tool And Equipment Maker Expands To Germany

Frank Kirmis will serve as director of sales and OEM relationships for Europe and Asia.


Carlsbad, California-based Pro Spot, a designer and manufacturer of repair tools and equipment for the collision repair industry, has announced a new team member to its European division. Frank Kirmis will serve as director of sales and OEM relationships for Europe and Asia. 

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In his new role, Kirmis will help Pro Spot continue to build its relationships with the European automobile manufacturers, develop the company’s European sales strategy and build up its distribution service networks. Kirmis will help oversee the company’s expansion of locations in Europe and Asia, including its new location in Germany. 

Kirmis joins Pro Spot with 30 years of experience in the industry. “The technology is here, the knowledge is here, the spirit is here, I am excited to continue to grow the brand globally,” Kirmis said. 

In addition to offices in Sweden and Italy, the new location in Germany will help to establish Pro Spot establish brand presence with local support for sales, service and product training in a more meaningful way than ever.  


“I say this truthfully, I feel like we haven’t started yet – and 33 years have gone by – but there are so many opportunities to do so much more. With our passion, our products, our engineering and technology, we will continue to keep inventing and developing new ideas to help this industry continue to thrive,” said Ron Olsson, president of Pro Spot. 



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