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Bosch Program Focuses on Nighttime Driving Safety

Bosch ENVISION wiper blades are designed to sharpen night visibility and provide extreme weather safety.


Windshield wiper blades are undoubtedly one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of car safety and care. For consumers, especially those in colder climates, or in areas with less daylight hours, windshield wipers have a direct impact on driver safety – if windshield wipers malfunction, tear, or become packed with debris, driver visibility can be reduced to near zero. In fact, while only one quarter of driving is done at night, 50% of traffic deaths happen at night. Bosch ENVISION and FOCUS wiper blades contribute to a consumer need for safer nighttime driving.


Bosch ENVISION wiper blades are designed to sharpen night visibility and provide extreme weather safety. This premium windshield wiper reduces blur with NightFocus ultrasonic technology, which fuses the base connector with the blade. This forms one single core construction, providing an even wipe across the entire length of the wiper. Bosch FOCUS is the newest addition to its windshield wiper blade product line, designed specifically for providing optimal night clarity and safer driving.

Per Bosch, wiper blades should be inspected or replaced every six months to one year, or as soon as there is a noticeable difference in driving visibility. However, those in harsher climates may find it necessary to change wiper blades more often. Helping consumers better understand when to make this change is imperative.


Both wiper blade lines offer SafeCheck, an indicator informing users when it’s time to check the wiping performance of their blades, ensuring safer driving at night, in the rain, sleet, and snow. Some additional features of the ENVISION and FOCUS wiper blades include:

  • FOCUS and ENVISION are equipped with a night spoiler, combining a water-repelling polymer compound and a light-absorbing charcoal powder. The spoiler helps repel water droplets and minimize ice buildup for extreme, all-weather safety.
  • Glare is minimized using ClearMax 365 rubber technology, featuring a flexible dual synthetic rubber blend and precision-cut polymer edge, creating an optimal wipe angle. The technology also promotes a longer product life, as it protects the wiping edge from ozone deterioration, extreme weather, and road debris.

Bosch launched the See What Matters Most campaign, a blueprint designed for educating consumers regarding the effectiveness of Bosch ENVISION and FOCUS windshield wipers and increasing safer driving in nighttime conditions.


“It’s undeniable that there’s a great need to make the road safer at night; Bosch wipers are designed to help drivers get to their destination safely and this campaign ensures that our wipers get into the hands of consumers who need them,” said Scott Sullivan, Bosch Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Team Lead.

As part of the campaign and for a limited time only, save money on Bosch ENVISION and FOCUS windshield wipers at select retailer partners. Visit your local AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Advance Auto Parts stores or shop online to find the latest offers on Bosch ENVISION and FOCUS wiper blades.


ENVISION at AutoZone

FOCUS at O’Reilly Auto Parts

FOCUS at Advance Auto Parts

Offered in different blade types, sizes, connections, and prices, Bosch windshield wiper blades are available for virtually every vehicle on the road. For more information on Bosch wiper blades visit  



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