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Bosch Releases 455 New Aftermarket Parts In 1st Half Of 2021

The release includes four braking parts, an ignition coil, an eXchange alternator, an EVO spark plug and 15 oxygen sensors.


Robert Bosch, LLC announced today that it has added 455 automotive aftermarket parts to its portfolio in H1 2021, covering more than 24 million vehicles in operation across North America — enforcing its commitment to offering a complete range of high-quality and reliable parts for the whole workshop including Domestic, European and Asian passenger and commercial vehicles.

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Bosch Braking

This year Bosch has released 38 high quality braking parts. These parts included the Bosch Police Pursuit brake pads, manufactured to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement—ensuring safety, reliability and consistent stopping power in any condition.  Also released were the Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads, which feature multi-layer shims for superior noise dampening. New releases cover late-model Asian and Domestic vehicles.

Bosch Ignition Coil

As of Q2, Bosch has released five original equipment ignition coils in 2021. Bosch coils are known industry-wide for their reliability and performance. The coils feature precise, corrosion-resistant connections that provide an extensive service life. These parts efficiently supply spark plug electrodes — leading to superior cold-start performance and enhanced temperature and vibration resistance.


Bosch eXchange Alternator

Bosch has released six eXchange alternators in 2021 — full-load tested to guarantee compliance with strict Bosch performance specifications. All units are factory-tested and are remanufactured (not rebuilt). Bosch eXchange alternators are built to last — featuring high-quality materials and the most technologically advanced developments.

Bosch EVO Spark Plugs

One new Bosch EVO Spark Plug has been released this year. The EVO spark plug is engineered to ensure reliable ignition throughout its long service life – even under extreme conditions in modern engines. With its improved insulator design and high dielectric strength (greater than 45 kV), the new EVO spark plugs can withstand irregular combustion – known as mega knocking – that can occur in modern, technologically advanced engines. Bosch EVO spark plugs are developed and produced with the same high quality as original equipment spark plugs.


Bosch Oxygen Sensors

Bosch released 17 new oxygen sensors to-date in 2021. These parts include Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors, featuring a double laser-welded stainless steel body design that protects the sensors against contamination and pre-coated threads that include an anti-seize compound right out of the box for optimal performance – and Bosch Premium Wideband Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) Oxygen Sensors that feature an advanced wideband sensing element to provide precise air/fuel measurement.

Bosch Rotating Machine

Bosch released one rotating machine in Q2 2021. All rotating machines are full-load tested to guarantee compliance with strict Bosch performance specifications – and starters come with a roadside protection plan.


Bosch Wipers

Bosch, this year, released two specialty wipers. These parts include Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin Set, which features a blended dual rubber compound with a graphite coating to provide longer life and patented beam technology for a uniform wipe. Also includes are the Bosch OE Specialty Rear wipers, which feature integrated rear quick clip connections for easy installation. A natural rubber design with graphite coating allows for quiet application.

Bosch Relays, Fuses and Switches

In Q2 2021, Bosch announced a full range product portfolio of 385 relays, fuses and switches – with additional parts on the way. These products cover a wide range of Domestic, European and Asian applications with multiple functions, voltage and amperage options. As an added benefit to its customers, Bosch also recently released a Relay Parts Finder on its website ( for quick, easy and accurate part searches.


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