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BorgWarner Featured In 10th Annual Sustainability Report From Business Roundtable

BorgWarner’s efforts to support a cleaner, more energy-efficient world are featured in the 10th annual sustainability report from Business Roundtable.



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BorgWarner announced it has been featured in a new sustainability report released this week by Business Roundtable. Entitled “Create, Grow, Sustain: Delivering Shared Success,” the 10th annual report details the achievements of more than 150 companies.

BorgWarner’s efforts to support a cleaner, more energy-efficient world are featured in the annual sustainability report.

“For the automotive industry, there is no more important challenge than building vehicles to support a cleaner, more energy-efficient world,” said James Verrier, president and CEO, BorgWarner. “It’s a commitment we made long ago. BorgWarner develops innovative propulsion system solutions and gets them on the road quickly — driving consumer demand for efficient technology, providing meaningful work for employees and sustaining local economies.”


BorgWarner says its environmental commitment begins in green facilities where employees around the world produce technologies to help vehicles save fuel, reduce emissions and deliver powerful performance. The Business Roundtable report identifies a variety of BorgWarner technologies engineered to help extend battery-powered driving range, improve engine starts, boost performance for small fuel-efficient engines and convert combustion-powered vehicles into hybrids without changing the engine or transmission. To sustain innovation for the future, BorgWarner supports a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education initiatives for students from grade school through graduate school.

Learn more about BorgWarner’s sustainability efforts here or explore the full Business Roundtable report here.