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Bollinger Motors Unveils Patent-Pending E-Chassis

The world’s only Class 3 electric platform offers commercial applications, according to the company.


Bollinger Motors has unveiled its patent-pending E-Chassis, which the company claims is the “world’s first and only Class 3 electric platform,” designed with commercial applications and versatility in mind.


“When we first built our Class 3 B1, we knew there was a commercial aspect to the platform,” said CEO Robert Bollinger. “Not only cab-on-chassis, but entirely new truck bodies can fit on our E-Chassis, and help propel the world to all-electric that much faster.” 

The E-Chassis is the same platform shared with the B1 Sport Utility Truck and the B2 Pickup, and it will accommodate future models and other trucks developed by Bollinger Motors. 

Features of the patent-pending Bollinger Motors E-Chassis include: 

  • 120 kWh battery pack 
  • 180 kWh battery pack optional 
  • All-wheel drive 
  • All-terrain capabilities 
  • Dual motor 
  • Portal gear hubs 
  • 5000-lb. payload 
  • Ultra-low center of gravity 
  • Easily adjustable to fit various wheelbases 
  • Hydraulic anti-lock power brakes (ABS) 
  • Electronic traction control 
  • Electronic stability control 
  • Hydraulic power steering 
  • Hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension 
  • Independent front and rear suspension 
  • 5-15 kw on-board charger/inverter 
  • Complete power system controls, configurable to given vehicle application 
  • Integrated thermal-management system 
  • Meets Class 3 regulations

The fully customizable E-Chassis is a performance powerhouse that can be configured for a variety of uses, including front- or rear-wheel drive configurations, with or without portal gear hubs, and up to 180 kWh battery pack for longer range requirements. 


The E-Chassis will be manufactured alongside the B1 and B2 trucks and made available for commercial use in 2021. 

Bollinger Motors filed the provisional patent application on Nov. 18, 2019. The patent application number is 62936929.