Blink Charging Commissions First Battery Storage Energized DC Fast Charger

Blink Charging Commissions 1st Battery Storage, DCFC Charger

New battery energy storage unit will lead to reduction in demand charges and energy costs for EV drivers and hosts.

Blink Charging Co. , a manufacturer, owner, operator and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, has announced the commissioning of its new integrated battery storage and DCFC chargers unit that will integrate with four Blink EV chargers at the Southport Plaza in Philadelphia, PA. This marks the first battery storage energized DCFC chargers to go online in the state and a milestone for EV charging resiliency, says the company.

The new state-of-the-art battery energy storage system (BESS) efficiently stores energy onsite then provides that power to EV drivers when they need it most. This allows the energy to be captured during off-peak usage times when electricity prices are lowest and releases that energy to charge EVs during peak-usage times when electricity prices are higher, to offset the costs of demand fees. This stored energy enables reduced stress on the grid, allowing drivers to charge even during black-out conditions, the company adds. The technology allows for demand charge reduction from utilities companies for individuals and businesses, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line.

“This innovative battery storage technology is an exciting innovation to EV charging and we’re proud to launch this unit in Pennsylvania as we look ahead to other regions where this technology can be used,” said Brendan Jones, president and CEO of Blink Charging. “We have made it a goal at Blink to address the concerns of EV drivers, such as grid dependency, and work with our world-class engineers and stakeholders to develop solutions. This battery storage unit certainly does that.”

The project includes using three Blink 50kW DCFC chargers and one 175kW DCFC charger, all of which will be paired with the battery storage unit. Engineered by Blink, the project was supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Driving PA Forward program, which uses Pennsylvania Volkswagen settlement funds to replace old diesel vehicles with cleaner transportation options and encourage use of zero-emission electric vehicles by investing in charging infrastructure. 

Following the successful inaugural activation of the battery storage unit in Philadelphia, Blink looks to expand this innovative solution in Florida installing the unit in up to 25 sites across the state that will also include solar canopies with EV chargers.

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