Bendix Offers Remanufactured Brake Shoe With OE Friction And Coating

Bendix Offers Remanufactured Brake Shoe With OE Friction And Coating

The brake shoe also offers the same five-year warranty as the one Bendix offers on its OE shoe.

New in 2018, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is offering a remanufactured brake shoe with the same proven friction and coating it specs on its OE brake shoe, as well as an extended, five-year warranty against rust jacking. The warranty matches the one Bendix offers on its OE shoes.

The introduction of the new reman shoe comes as the company’s remanufactured brake shoe production has topped 6 million units. Bendix’s rate of production has steadily increased to meet growing demand from fleets and owner-operators wishing to optimize value while maintaining the quality, performance and compliance of its reduced stopping distance (RSD) brakes when replacing shoes.

“We are intently focused on offering reman brake shoes that maximize safety and performance by resisting premature lining wear and rust jacking to provide full service life. This, along with value, is what our customers require in a reman brake shoe,” said Keith McComsey, director of marketing and customer solutions at Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB). “The Bendix OE-level reman shoe with extended warranty is part of our commitment to meet these needs. Likewise, achieving the 6-million-unit production milestone for reman brake shoes is the latest benchmark in our effort to provide operators what they need to compete in today’s industry.”

To help vehicle operators maintain performance of RSD-equipped vehicles (those built after 2011), Bendix offers both OE and aftermarket RSD-certified friction options. The company’s newest reman brake shoe combines Bendix OE friction with the same E-coat originally spec’ed only on Bendix OE shoes.

Bendix stands behind the OE shoe and its OE coating with an extended five-year warranty against rust jacking, identical to the warranty on its original equipment shoe.

“There is demonstrated value in choosing OE-level reman components, and brake shoes are a prime example,” McComsey said. “They offer fleets continued RSD performance and wear characteristics, and contribute to lower cost of ownership (TCO). Buying an OE-level product results in OE-level value. For our OE-level reman brake shoe, we’re backing it up with OE-level support on the warranty side.”

The brake shoe’s coating is engineered to protect against rust jacking. Rust jacking occurs when rust builds up on the steel beneath the brake lining and exerts upward pressure on the friction material, eventually causing it to crack.

Although rust jacking can occur year-round, the combination of wet roads, temperature swings and chemical de-icers –­ such as road salt or chemical compounds (for example, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride) ­– makes winter conditions ideal for corrosion to take hold on a brake shoe. For this reason, rust jacking is most prevalent in regions with cold-weather climates.

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