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Axalta Launches Two New Imron Elite Products

Imron Elite ColorPLUS and Imron Elite Direct-to-Plastic basecoat are designed for commercial transportation vehicles.


Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, is adding two new products to its high-performance Imron Elite coating solutions line in North America – Imron Elite ColorPLUS and Imron Elite Direct-to-Plastic basecoat. Both products are designed to deliver premium-quality and superior durability for today’s commercial transportation vehicles, said the company.

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Axalta’s Imron Elite ColorPLUS is a premium coating system designed specifically for the new and complicated paint schemes of recreational vehicles. It is designed to produce a long-lasting, glossy finish that meets recreational vehicles’ color and processing requirements. It also leverages two cutting-edge companion clearcoats, 8460S and 8463S, which are designed to deliver outstanding system appearance and durability.

“Imron Elite Direct-to-Plastic basecoat improves productivity and performance for our customers by eliminating the need for a conventional adhesion promoter and simplifying the coating process from three steps to two,” said Marko Strukelj, director, global transportation product engineering at Axalta. “This basecoat also improves overall appearance and enhances adhesion to a plastic substrate.”


A Direct-to-Plastic (DTP) basecoat applies color directly and can be used with or without activation. It requires no scuffing before repainting, and it dries quickly while delivering excellent adhesion. DTP is also specially formulated to deliver great hiding, smooth application and exceptional flake control over multiple plastic substrates and is available in most solid, metallic, pearlescent and special-effect colors. 

“We are excited to introduce these two products into the Imron product portfolio,” said Joseph Wood, VP of commercial transportation coatings at Axalta. “Both of these product extensions are aimed at helping our customers produce world class products while meeting cost, quality and cycle time targets.”