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AutoZone Vendor Partner Summit Recognizes Top Suppliers

The awards honors exceptional performance and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction in 2020.


AutoZone recognized 17 of its top suppliers at its virtual AutoZone Vendor Partner Summit on June 8, 2021. The awards honor companies that provided exceptional performance and demonstrated a strong commitment to customer satisfaction during the past year.

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Eight vendors received AutoZone WITTDTJR awards (“What It Takes to Do the Job Right”): ATI; CRC; Cryomax Cooling Systems; Energizer; Shell Oil; Torin; Type S WinPlus and Vege. These vendors partnered with AutoZone to consistently ensure that AutoZone’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and professional customers had the parts and products needed to best fix vehicles and keep them running smoothly.

Nine vendors were selected for the AutoZone Extra Miler award: AllPak, Continental, Focus/FCS, Innova, Motorcar Parts of America (MPA), Old World Industries, Rally, Stryten Manufacturing and Yacht Battery. The Extra Miler award honors those vendors who are “unfazed by obstacles, go above and beyond the call of duty, exceed expectations and consistently do more than expected.”


AutoZone named Bosch Braking its 2021 Vendor Partner of the Year. A previous Vendor of the Year Award winner, Bosch was recognized for its innovation, ability to execute and commitment to delivering “the best merchandise at the right price” for AutoZone’s customers and business. Bosch is a tremendous vendor partner in all aspects of the business from merchandising and supply chain processes to engineering and sales.

“Our 2021 Vendor Partner of the Year, Bosch Braking, and our Vendor Partner Summit award winners are outstanding contributors to AutoZone’s success,” said Seong Ohm, senior vice president, Merchandising, Customer Satisfaction. “In an ever-changing environment of rapid growth and increased demand, these suppliers continue to collaborate, innovate and deliver first-class execution to help us meet the needs of our customers. We celebrate and acknowledge their many accomplishments and thank them for their partnership, support and commitment to AutoZone and our customers.” 



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