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Autopromotec 2019: Celebrating True Passion For The Engines Of Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

New this year, the “Hybrid & ADAS Village” initiative promotes the knowledge of new assisted driving systems as the starting point for proper maintenance. A special exhibit, “Italia: la passione in rosso” (“Italy: the red passion”) will celebrate Made in Italy heritage and a passion for engines.


The 2019 edition of Autopromotec will feature the “Hybrid & ADAS Village,” a space exclusively devoted to showcasing the latest generation ADAS safety systems for hybrid cars. The “Hybrid & ADAS Village” will be organized in collaboration with Quattroruote Professional. Against the iconic backdrop of outdoor area 48 at the Bologna Fair, the location of exciting motorbike competitions, a 14,000-square-meter (150,694-square-foot) racetrack will be set up to allow visitors, under the supervision of Quattroruote safe driving school instructors, to get on board vehicles and see how they respond when the safety systems engage during a number of dynamic tests: from lane support systems to the use of adaptive cruise control, from obstacle warning in reverse speed to emergency braking – both in heavy traffic conditions and in complete lack of lighting. This initiative is a first in Europe, according to Autopromotec advertisers. 


With this unique initiative, Autopromotec and Quattroruote Professional intend to raise awareness among vehicle repair professionals on the need to familiarize themselves with new assisted driving tools to ensure their clients are perfectly safe after the maintenance, by always complying with manufacturer specifications.

Autopromotec 2019 has a lot more in store for engine lovers and enthusiasts. All the visitors of the 2019 edition will be welcomed by “Italia: la passione in rosso,” a special, exciting vintage car show curated by Ruoteclassiche, featuring six impeccable red vehicles embodying the best of Italian motor heritage. The show is open at the fair ground’s Quadriportico (Ovest Costituzione entrance) and is organized in collaboration with FCA Heritage and a number of private collectors. Its purpose is paying homage to the Italian genius, creativity and passion for motors, a tribute to authentically Made in Italy masterpieces. 


To stay up-to-date with all the new developments regarding Autopromotec 2019, visit the website at and follow the event on Facebook and Twitter (@Autopromotec e #Autopromotec2019).



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