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ASCCA Partners With Facepay

Facepay and ASCCA partner to provide the California automotive service industry with an alternative to the high costs of credit card processing.


The Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) has announced a corporate partnership with Facepay Inc., whose relational payments platform enables businesses to increase profits by eliminating credit card processing (transaction) fees.  


Facepay’s disruptive technology allows business owners to adopt a modern payment structure with a low-cost, fixed monthly subscription instead of paying 2.5% of their revenues to credit card processors. On average, the Facepay model adds $25,000 to a shop’s bottom line each year. 

“Facepay integrates directly into the shop’s regular email and text messaging process through their management system and their digital vehicle inspection tool,” said Dr. Mark A. Hale, founder and CEO of Facepay. “This type of seamless integration is something that drove our unprecedented growth at Demandforce, and I intend to repeat that success. Today, our customers are crushing it, processing millions of dollars annually through Facepay and contributing 15-20% of that directly to net profits.”


In 2020, 75% of repair shop customers paid their bills using a credit card. Most shop owners have accepted the processing fee overhead as the cost of doing business. Some have built the fees into their regular prices. Many have begun passing on the 2-3% fee to customers who use a card. This practice, however, has led to a decrease in customer satisfaction industry-wide. Facepay offers businesses an alternative in which no one has to pay the extra fee. 

“We are excited to partner with ASCCA,” said Todd Westerlund, CRO of Facepay. “For the first time, shops using Facepay can offer their customers contactless payments, monthly installments, and vehicle service subscription packages all while putting 20% of profits back in their pockets.”


Facepay is available now for all ASCCA members to try out free for 30-Days. For more information, visit or call (800) 403-0221.