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Autologue Offering Expanded Products, Services

Autologue helps businesses overcome challenges as customers comply with “Social Distancing” mandates.


Autologue wants to help businesses overcome the challenges they are facing today as customers comply with the “Self-Isolation” (stay at home) and “Social Distancing” COVID-19 mandates. As a result, the company is offering a solution: Add Online Ordering and Hot Shot Delivery Management so your retail and wholesale customers can continue to buy what they need online and have it delivered to their home or business.

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Autologue is offering Online Ordering (ePart and ePaint) and Hot Shot eDelivery Management with signature capture and GPS tracking. In addition, Autologue can create a custom website landing page with “Google My Business,” as follows:

  • 6-MONTH DEFERRED BILLING for these products
  • No long-term contracts (month-to-month)
  • Setup and running within ONE WEEK (in most cases)

Autologue believes this will help auto parts distributors and paint distributors comply with the “Self Isolation” (stay at home) and “Social Distancing” COVID-19 mandates.

The customer would simply log-in to ePart Retail, select the product they need, then pay with a credit card. They will also need to supply their name, address, phone and email address. Their information will print on the pick ticket/order generated by the system and can then be “Hot Shot Delivered” within an hour or two. Also, when the customers call in orders, while still on the phone they can be assisted by a counterperson, who would walk them through the online order process, or simply email the customer a link to ePart.

One of the byproducts of Retail Online Ordering is the gathering of emails and phone numbers to be used for future marketing. This model is faster than merchants like Amazon, which may take several days to get the product to the customer, according to Autologue.


More Creative Ideas from Autologue:

Suggest to your Preferred Installer customers that they call their existing clients and offer free pickup and delivery of their vehicle, to also comply with the Social Distancing mandate.

Jobbers/Distributors can offer their installer customers financial assistance to help pay for using Uber or any other delivery service to pick up customers’ vehicles, as long as the Installer purchases the parts from those participating jobbers/distributors.

Autologue says it can have customers’ online ordering and delivery service up and running within a week. Next, notify all your customers that you will be providing online ordering with business and home delivery.


To learn more call Autologue at 800-722-1113 or send an email to [email protected].