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Auto Parts Supplier Intran Promotes Mexican Manufacturing With New Website

Intran has launched the new website to boost its brand and highlight the benefits of manufacturing In Mexico.



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As part of a new North American marketing campaign, Mexican component manufacturer Intran has launched a new website at Best known for producing fuel system components and assemblies, Intran has been manufacturing parts and components for automotive applications for nearly 50 years.

“Our new website and marketing campaign are intended to both raise our company profile and to promote part and component manufacturing in

Mexico,” said Juan Cintron, CEO of Intran. “We want to help North American companies in a variety of industries – automotive, aviation, agricultural and construction equipment, and more – learn about all the benefits Mexican manufacturing has to offer.”

The new Intran website features:

  • A list of 10 reasons to manufacture in Mexico
  • Contracting advice for U.S. and Canadian companies working with a manufacturer in Mexico
  • A detailed breakdown of Intran’s manufacturing capabilities

“When I speak with purchasing executives and engineers in the U.S. and Canada, I often find myself explaining the advantages of Mexican manufacturing over East Asian manufacturers,” said Cintron. “Our new website offers this information to anyone and everyone.


“My hope is that our site can be a great resource to anyone wondering about the pros and cons of sourcing parts and components from Mexico as compared to China, Thailand, etc.,” he added.