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Auto Care Data Standards Now Across The Americas

The addition of data in the Canadian French, Spanish and Portuguese languages helps expand market reach and efficiency.


The Auto Care Association has announced that the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) and Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) have been extended to cover countries across the Americas with the newly launched Canadian French, Spanish and Portuguese language translations, along with an expansion of the ACES Vehicle Configuration database (VCdb) South America subscription. This latest update to the standards further eliminates the need for multiple files for content delivery by allowing subscribers to extend their reach across North, Central and South America using data to speak the same technical language as their trading partners.

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Using multiple relational databases containing standardized, codified data, Auto Care Data Standards now offers the ability to add the “VCdb South America” database subscription to cover:

·         Brazil

·         Argentina

·         Colombia

·         Chile

·         Costa Rica

·         Ecuador

·         Peru

To subscribe to the Spanish language translations, ACES and PIES users must have a subscription to one of the VCdbs as well as the PAdb.


The addition of standardized data in the Canadian French, Spanish and Portuguese languages to a database will further help expand market reach and increase efficiency.  The following databases now include expanded language translations:

·         Vehicle Configuration database (VCdb);

·         Qualifier database (Qdb);

·         Product Classification database (PCdb); and

·         Product Attributes database (PAdb).

These new additions build on the proven ability of the Auto Care Data Standards as the single most effective way to communicate with trading partners, while eliminating duplicated communication and distribution efforts, lowering supply chain costs, increasing product introduction, speed to market and reducing returns. 

Auto Care Data Standards enable businesses to speak the same technical language as their customers. For more information, visit