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Guest Commentary: How Far Can You See?

As we continue our bi-weekly article series from Schwartz Advisors (SA), today we hear from longtime industry veteran Pete Kornafel, partner at SA. In his guest commentary, Kornafel talks about the improvements that could potentially result from better supply chain visibility.

Guest Commentary: Memories Of Wertman’s

Continuing our article series from Schwartz Advisors, Managing Partner Derek Kaufman compares and contrasts an old-school hardware store from his childhood against the robotic and efficient modern stocking methods we are seeing today and in the future of auto parts retailing.

Guest Commentary: AV Scenarios – A Game For All People In The Auto Aftermarket

Following up on his Jan. 30 editorial on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Schwartz Advisors Managing Partner Derek Kaufman outlines in this guest commentary a few very plausible scenarios for implementing AV in the automotive world here and now.

Guest Commentary: VR And AR To Transform Automotive Service

“There is a lot of talk these days about robots taking our jobs. We see quite the opposite in virtual and augmented reality,” writes Schwartz Advisors Partner Derek Kaufman.